OAR 177-090-0005

For the purposes of division 90, the following definitions apply except as otherwise specifically provided in OAR chapter 177 or unless the context requires otherwise:


“Entry Form” means a play slip used by a player to choose the dollar amount to be wagered, the number of events selected, and the player’s chosen option for each event selected.


“Event” means a game or a special play that a player may select.


“Favorite” means the likely winning team of a game as indicated on the official program.


“Game” means a professional football game between two teams.


“Game ticket” or “ticket” means a computer-generated, printed paper issued by an Oregon Lottery terminal as a receipt for the events selected and the options chosen by a player and includes, but is not limited to, the following data: The name “Sports Action”, the purchase date, events selected, the option chosen for each selected event, the cost of the ticket, the identifying number for the specific play week, a six-digit retailer number, a serial number, and a bar code.


“Official program” means the Lottery’s list of games with point spreads and special plays, including the options for each event a player may select for a particular play week.


“Official Sports Action results” means the Lottery’s list of the final outcomes of the events scheduled for a given play week, showing the winning option for each event.


“Option” means one of two possible outcomes for an event.


“Parimutuel” means a system of wagering in which the money allocated for prizes from the total amount of money wagered on an event is divided among prizewinners in proportion to each prizewinner’s individual wager.


“Play week” means a seven-day period:


Beginning at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday and ending at the scheduled start time of the last game on Monday during the pre-season and regular season; and


Beginning at 5:00 a.m. on Monday and ending at the scheduled start time of the last game on Sunday during the post-season playoffs.


“Point spread” means the number of points used to balance the possible outcome of an event, giving equal chance for each event’s success.


“Prize category” means a division of the prize pool identified by a specific number of events selected by a player.


“Prize pool” means the amount of money allocated from total sales for prizes.


“Quick Pick” means the random selection by a terminal of events played on a ticket and an option for each event selected.


“Special play” means an activity that occurs within a game, including, but not limited to, fumbles, interceptions, and sacks.


“Draw game terminal” or “Terminal” has the meaning set forth in OAR 177-070-0005 (Definitions)(4).


“Underdog” means the likely losing team of a game as indicated on the official program.
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