OAR 177-200-0010
Game Requirements


General: To play a Video Lottery game, a player deposits cash into a Video Lottery game terminal that displays the deposit as a number of credits to which the player is entitled. Each credit represents a monetary amount as specified in each Video Lottery game. The player purchases a game play by wagering one or more credits. Prizes are paid on the terminal in the form of credits. A player may wager the credits that the player has won on additional game plays or may direct the terminal to issue a cash slip for the remaining credits. For Jackpot Prizes, the terminal will automatically cash out the Jackpot Prize and issue a cash slip to the player for the amount of the Jackpot Prize.


Bonus Game Plays: In addition to the prizes paid as credits, and depending on the specific game, bonus game plays may be awarded to a player. A prize awarded on an individual bonus game play is independent of the original game play.


Odds of Winning: A close approximation of the odds of winning some prize for each game must be displayed on a Video Lottery game terminal screen or a help screen. Each game also must display the amount wagered and the amount awarded for each possible winning occurrence based on the number of credits wagered on a game play.


Payout Tables: Each game shall provide a method for a player to view payout tables for that game.


Age Requirement: To play a Video Lottery game, a player must be at least 21 years of age.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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