OAR 177-200-0077
Specialty Games


General: The Lottery may offer Specialty Games. Specialty Games may be offered as poker games or video line games.


Validation of Jackpot Prize Cash Slip: A cash slip issued for a Jackpot Prize may only be validated and paid at Lottery Headquarters or a Lottery Branch, pursuant to section (3) of this rule.


Payment of Jackpot Prizes: A Jackpot Prize must be claimed by an individual by completing a winner claim form and submitting the form and cash slip as provided in OAR 177-200-0020 (Payment of Video Lottery Game Cash Slips). The winner claim form may be obtained from any Lottery retailer, a Lottery kiosk, from the Lottery Headquarters or a Lottery Branch, or downloaded from the Lottery’s website.


Claiming a Jackpot Prize Jointly: If more than one name appears in the designated area on a cash slip issued for a Jackpot Prize, the cash slip must be redeemed in accordance with the provisions of OAR 177-046-0110 (Payment of Prizes)(6)(a) through (h) for tickets and shares.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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