OAR 199-001-0020


The Oregon Government Ethics Commission encourages the settlement of a case by stipulated final order. As used in this rule, a stipulated final order is an agreement between the Commission and the party which resolves all of the issues pending in the matter.


The stipulated final order shall be in writing and shall be signed by the person who is the subject of a complaint or against whom an investigation has commenced or by the attorney representing such person, if any, before being submitted to the Commission.


The stipulated final order shall contain a short and plain:


Statement of the nature of the complaint and the basis of the jurisdiction of the Oregon Government Ethics Commission;


Statement of all agreed facts and of all facts, if any, that are not agreed;


Statement of the terms of settlement;


Statement that both the commission and respondent have had an opportunity to seek the advice of counsel;


Statement of the effect of the agreement including that it is subject to final approval of the Government Ethics Commission, and that it is binding upon both parties and that the respondent waives the right to a contested case hearing and waives the right to judicial review.


The stipulated final order is a final order of the Commission.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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