OAR 230-030-0030


Bouts, including those bouts arranged by a matchmaker residing in another state, but matchmaking for an event in Oregon, shall be made only by a promoter or matchmaker licensed by the superintendent.


Promoters shall provide the Administrator with the following information relating to any individual acting as a matchmaker for the promoter or the promoter’s organization:


Name of licensed matchmaker;


Notification to the Administrator if the promoter’s arrangement with the matchmaker changes.


The promoter shall be responsible to the superintendent for matches made and for the submission of the contracts, if applicable.
(4) Promoters and matchmakers intentionally submitting mismatched competitors or misrepresenting a competitor’s ability or experience which are under consideration for a bout may be subject to sanctions by the superintendent up to and including suspension of their license.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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