OAR 230-080-0570

(1) A competitor who has been knocked out shall be kept still until medical personnel orders otherwise. When a competitor is knocked out, no one may touch the competitor, until medical personnel enter the ring, examines the fallen competitor, and issues any necessary instructions regarding the competitor’s medical care and condition.
(2) If a competitor has been knocked out or if a technical knockout decision has been rendered against the competitor by the referee, the competitor shall undergo a medical waiting period for the protection of the competitor’s health and safety. The duration of the medical waiting period is determined by medical personnel, but in no event may the medical waiting period be fewer than 30 days for a TKO, and no fewer than 60 days for a KO.
(3) A competitor may not engage in any contact training or competition for the duration of their medical waiting period.
(4) When a referee has stopped a bout because the referee considers a competitor to be defenseless, the defenseless competitor shall be deemed to have been technically knocked out (TKO) for purpose of imposing a medical waiting period.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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