OAR 230-120-0080


The following tactics are fouls and are forbidden. Use of these tactics shall result in a warning and loss of points as determined by the referee:


Headbutts, elbow strikes, or clubbing, kicks or punches or any other strikes to the groin, attacking with the knees, openhand attacks to the eyes or throat, and striking at that part of the body over the kidney or spine or chopping the back of the, neck or head;


Spitting, biting or, in the referee’s discretion, slapping;


Palm heel strikes (using the heel of the palm of the hand to deliver a blow to the face);


Arm bars (grabbing one arm with the other and pressing the grabbed arm against the opponent’s throat);


Grabbing or holding onto an opponent’s leg or foot, and grabbing or holding onto any other part of the body;


Punching or kicking while a contestant is down. A contestant is down when any part of the contestant’s body, other than the feet, touch the floor. An opponent may continue to attack until the contestant has touched the floor with any part of the body other than the feet;


Leg Checking (extending the leg to check an opponent’s leg or to prevent the opponent from kicking);


Purposely going down without being hit;


The use of abusive language in the ring;


Any unsportsmanlike trick or action causing any injury to an opponent;


Attacking on the break;


Attacking after the bell or gong has sounded ending the round, or when the opponent is out of the ring;


Intentionally pushing, shoving or wrestling an opponent out, of the ring with any part of the body;


Kicking, striking or kick-sweeping below the belt, except blows to the, side and back of thighs in a kung fu contest;


Failure to make eight kicks per round;


Any use of throws or any takedown not executed boot-to-boot;


Continuous dropping of mouthpiece;


Holding and hitting;


Intentional evasion of contact;


Hitting or flicking with an open glove.


Any contestant guilty of foul tactics in a contest may be disqualified, the contestant’s purse may be withheld from payment, and may be suspended. Disposition of the purse and the penalty to be imposed upon the contestant shall be determined by action of the Superintendent.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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