OAR 230-120-0480

(1) Head butts
(2) Groin strikes
(3) Thrusting or Linear Kicks directed at the knee joint
(4) Striking the back of the head or the spine, including the tailbone
(5) Attacks to the throat
(6) Striking a downed opponent
(7) Failure to obey the referee’s commands
(8) Striking on a break
(9) Striking after the bell
(10) Holding or using the ropes while striking or clinching
(11) Timidity
(12) Use of abusive language and/or gestures
(13) Causing intentional delays in the action
(14) Thumbing
(15) Holding the opponent’s leg without executing a legal strike or while executing more than one striking technique
(16) An effort to down an opponent by a method other than a legal strike or strikes
(17) Biting
(18) Spitting at the opponent
(19) Striking with the elbow, arm, wrist, or other part of the glove that is not the padded part of the glove
(20) Holding
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Jun. 8, 2021

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