OAR 230-150-0020
Amateur Boxing


The Commission will recognize an amateur boxing event only if it is registered and sanctioned by USA Boxing as an amateur boxing event.


An amateur boxer may not take part in an amateur boxing event unless he or she is registered with USA Boxing.


An amateur boxer is required to take an annual physical examination. Such a physical examination must include an evaluation of the amateur boxer’s physical and mental fitness to engage in boxing competiton. In addition, the amateur boxer must be examined before each event in which the competitor is scheduled to compete by a physician who is certified by USA Boxing.


USA Boxing shall maintain a permanent record of all cards showing registrations of amateur boxers by USA Boxing.


USA Boxing shall, prepare an official list of competent boxing officials to serve as officials at amateur boxing events. Such officials must be registered with and approved by USA Boxing.


A notice of a program of amateur boxing event must be filed in the office of the Commission at least 5 days before the date of the program with verification that the event is registered with USA Boxing.


The Commission will recognize an amateur event of unarmed combat sports that is not amateur boxing only if the amateur event is promoted by the holder of a promoter’s license, and the bout is approved and sanctioned as an amateur event by an organization recognized by the Commission for that purpose.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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