OAR 257-040-0010
Distribution Procedures


Prior to giving any users custody of an electronic signaling device, the distributor must:


Test the device for minimum power and so indicate on the user log (a Model User Log is attached as Exhibit 1);


Visually inspect the device for external signs of damage and so indicate on the user log;


Visually ascertain that the real on the device is intact and so indicate on the user log;


Provide the user a copy of the written device instructions and a copy of the user’s fact sheet (a Model User’s Fact Sheet is attached as Exhibit 2), alert the user to any use instructions on the device or its harness, and obtain the user’s written acknowledgement that the user has read the written instructions and witnessed the minimum power test;


Enter his or her initial on the “Check Out Procedures” portion of the user log.


The distributor shall not permit the use of any device that fails any test or inspection required above. However, where the visual inspection discloses only superficial damage of the device, as opposed to breakage of any component or a breach of the case, the device may be used it it passes the other tests and inspections.


The distributor must obtain in writing the name, home or business address, telephone number if any, and state-issued license to operate a motor vehicle or equally reliable identification, such as Oregon Division of Motor Vehicles identification card.


The distributor may require users to provide other identifying information, to pose security or a deposit to ensure the return of the device, take other customary business measures to prevent loss of of damage to the devices, and may limit the geographic area in which the device may be transported or used.


Nothing in these rules shall be construed as requiring a distributor to record the anticipated return time of the user or the device, nor as requiring a distributor to notify any authority in the event a device is not timely returned.
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Source: Rule 257-040-0010 — Distribution Procedures, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=257-040-0010.

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