Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

Rule Rule 259-020-0190

(1) The Department may issue a license as a polygraph examiner in this State to a person who is licensed as a polygraph examiner by another state or territory of the United States, without an examination for licensure by the Department, if the person submits an application for licensure pursuant to OAR 259-020-0170 (Applications for Licensure / Applications for Renewal) and the Department finds that the person:
(a) Is at least 18 years of age;
(b) Is a citizen of the United States;
(c) Was licensed pursuant to the requirements of such other state or territory that, at the date of the issuance of such license by such other state or territory, were substantially equivalent to the requirements of the Act for the licensing and regulation of polygraph examiners in this state; and
(d) Is licensed by another state or territory that grants reciprocity to polygraph examiners licensed in this state.
(2) In accordance with the requirements of ORS 703.120 (Nonresident licensees), if the person is not a resident of this state, the person must provide an irrevocable written consent permitting the Director to act as the agent of the person for the service of all legal process in this state.
(3) When making a determination regarding the equivalency of the requirements for licensure by another state, the Department may, upon receipt of an application for licensure as a polygraph examiner, accept the applicant’s professional experience as being equal in professional value toward the five years of active investigative experience required by ORS 703.090 (General polygraph examiner license qualifications)(1)(e) and OAR 259-020-0120 (Minimum Standards for Licensure as a Polygraph Examiner)(3)(b).

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Jun. 8, 2021