OAR 274-006-0013
Incomplete Fitness Determination


The Department will close a preliminary or final fitness determination as incomplete when:


Circumstances change so that a person no longer meets the definition of a “subject individual” under OAR 274-006-0004 (Subject Individual).


The subject individual does not submit materials or information within the time required under OAR 274-006-0005 (Criminal Records Check Process)(3);


The Department cannot locate or contact the subject individual;


The subject individual fails or refuses to cooperate with the Department’s attempts to acquire other criminal records information under OAR 274-006-0011 (Final Fitness Determination)(2); or


The Department determines that the subject individual is not eligible or not qualified for the position (of employee, contractor, vendor or volunteer) for a reason unrelated to the fitness determination process.


The position is no longer open.


A subject individual does not have a right to a contested case hearing under OAR 274-006-0018 (Appealing a Fitness Determination)(2) or a right to an alternative appeals process as provided by OAR 274-006-0018 (Appealing a Fitness Determination)(6) to challenge the closing of a fitness determination as incomplete.

Source: Rule 274-006-0013 — Incomplete Fitness Determination, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=274-006-0013.

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