OAR 274-032-0110
Definitions for Division

As used in OAR chapter 274, division 32, unless the context of the rule requires otherwise, the following definitions apply:


“Accredited” means an individual who is officially recognized and authorized by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to assist in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of a claim for USDVA benefits.


“Available Funds” means Pass-Through Funds remaining and available for distribution, after any distributions have been made to the Tribes or held in reserve by the Department.


“Biennium” means the Department’s two-year budget cycle that begins July 1 of odd-numbered years.


“Capital Assets” means tangible and intangible property as defined as “capital assets” in the State of Oregon Accounting Manual, Number 10.50.00 PR, as amended, that have initial estimated useful lives beyond a single year and have an initial cost of at least $5,000 and does not include items below $5,000. Examples of capital assets include land, land improvements, buildings and building improvements, motor vehicles, equipment and machinery, works of art and historical treasures, and infrastructure items such as state highways and airports.


“Capital Improvement” means an action that increases the useful life of a capital asset or adapts a capital asset to a new use.


“Department” means the Department of Veterans’ Affairs as defined in ORS 406.005 (Department of Veterans’ Affairs).


“Director” means the Director of Veterans’ Affairs as defined in ORS 406.410.


“MOU” means a Memorandum of Understanding between the Department and a Tribe that describes the roles and responsibilities of each of the parties in accrediting and training a Tribal Veteran Service Officer and the processes used when filing USDVA benefit claims for veterans.


“Pass-Through Funds” means monies that have been allocated to the Department for distribution to the Tribes.


“Tribal Veteran Service Officer” means a part-time or full-time Tribal employee who formally represents veterans during the USDVA disability claims process, and who is accredited or in the process of becoming accredited.


“Tribal Veteran Service Office” means a Tribal office where a Tribal Veteran Service Officer provides veterans, spouses and dependents of veterans or survivors of veterans with information regarding benefit programs and assists veterans in applying for all federal and state veterans’ benefits.


“Tribe” means a federally recognized Indian tribe in Oregon.


“USDVA” means the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.


“Veteran” means a veteran as defined in ORS 408.225 (Definitions for ORS 408.225 to 408.237).


“Year One” means the first 12-month period of a Biennium.


“Year Two” means the second 12-month period of a Biennium.

Source: Rule 274-032-0110 — Definitions for Division, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=274-032-0110.

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