OAR 274-032-0120
Eligibility, Application for Funds, Use of Funds


Eligibility. A Tribe must have a current MOU with the Department and employ a Tribal Veteran Service Officer in order to apply for Pass-Through Funds.


Application for Pass-Through Funds.


A Tribe must apply to the Department for Pass-Through Funds on an agency-approved form that includes: information on the total budget for the Tribal Veteran Service Office; the proposed use of funds; and an agreement that the Tribe will comply with the rules in this division XX.


A Tribe must provide sufficient funding for the Tribal Veteran Service Office to ensure its Tribal Veteran Services Officer:


Works not less than 1,000 hours annually on providing veterans benefit claims services; and


Demonstrates the ability to assist veterans in filing and appealing benefit claims to the USDVA.


A Tribe may apply for funds for capital improvements. The Department will review the application and consult with the tribal applicant if the purpose of the proposed capital improvements do not appear meet the goal of expanding and enhancing access to services provided by Tribal Veteran Service Officers.


A Tribe must submit a separate application for each year in the biennium.


Use of funds. The purpose of the Pass-Through funds is to expand and enhance programs and services provided by the Tribal Veteran Service Officer.

Source: Rule 274-032-0120 — Eligibility, Application for Funds, Use of Funds, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=274-032-0120.

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