OAR 291-019-0140
Notice of Transfer


Notice of Decision on Transfer: The sending office shall be notified by the receiving office of acceptance or rejection or delay in completing the investigation within 30 days of the request.


File Transfer: The sending office shall forward the offender file within five working days of the notice of acceptance of the transfer.


Formal Supervision: Formal supervision of the offender shall begin in the receiving county at the time of notification of acceptance of the transfer.


Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS): The sending office shall modify the EPR record within five working days after notice of transfer acceptance


Corrections Information System (CIS): Upon notification of transfer acceptance, the sending office shall, within five working days, make required changes in the CIS. When the file is received, the receiving office shall assure that the Department’s database records and LEDS EPR accurately reflect the county of supervision.


Transfer Chronological Entry: Once a sex offender is accepted for transfer, the parole or probation officer from the sending office shall complete a transfer chronological entry which includes a brief history of violations; record of any community notification; offender’s treatment progress; status of polygraphs (when was the last one completed, what were the results); the circumstances under which an offender is allowed contact with minors (who are the minors, who are the supervisors, when, where).


Sex Offender Registration: The parole or probation officer in the receiving county will assure the sex offender registration is updated by the offender with the designated law enforcement agency.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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