OAR 291-046-0040
Inmate Rights


Hearing: An inmate shall be entitled to a hearing when an involuntary request for administrative housing has been filed against him/her.


Waiver of Hearing:


An inmate may waive the right to a hearing. Waiver of the right must be in writing or verbal and must be documented on the record. An inmate’s refusal to attend the hearing will constitute a waiver.


An inmate waiving his/her right to a hearing shall have his/her case reviewed on its merits by the hearings officer in accordance with the procedures outlined in this rule.


Notice of Hearing:


The inmate shall be given written notice of the hearing not less than 24 hours prior to the hearing, unless the inmate consents to holding the hearing within 24 hours after the involuntary request for administrative housing has been served on the inmate.


The notice shall include a copy of this rule (OAR 291-046).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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