OAR 291-061-0270
Toilet Facilities


Every establishment shall be provided with toilet facilities for its food preparation or service workers. The toilet rooms shall be in or immediately adjacent to the food service or preparation area and shall provide fixtures for employees or workers in the following numbers:


1–9, minimum toilets 1, minimum lavatories 1;


10–24, minimum toilets 2*, minimum lavatories 1;


25–49, minimum toilets 3*, minimum lavatories 2;


50–74, minimum toilets 4*, minimum lavatories 2;


75–100, minimum toilets 5*, minimum lavatories 3;


For each 30 addition or fraction thereof of employees or workers add 1* toilet and 1 lavatory.
*Up to 23 of toilets may be urinals.
NOTE: In facilities constructed prior to July 1, 1986, toilet facilities located within 500 feet of the work area may be counted in this determination if such facilities are available without assistance to workers during all work periods.


Where there are ten or more employees during any work shift, there must be separate restrooms provided and designated for each sex unless all employees on duty at any given time are of the same sex.


Every toilet room must have at least one lavatory provided with hot and cold or tempered (80–110 degrees F.) water, soap and sanitary towels or hot air blowers.


The doors of all toilet rooms shall be self-closing except where security measures require constant surveillance of residents or inmates.


Toilet rooms shall be kept clean, in good repair, well lighted, free from odors, and well ventilated. Signs requiring handwashing by employees shall be posted in all toilet rooms and by all handwashing sinks used by employees or food workers.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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