OAR 291-069-0210


Inmate: Any person under the supervision of the Department of Corrections who is not on parole, probation, or post-prison supervision status.


Intelligence File: Those documents maintained by the Department of Corrections for administrative and case management purpose.


Security Threat Activity: Inmate behavior which poses a significant threat to the safe and secure operation of the facility, including, but not limited to, threatening or inflicting bodily injury on another person, posing a high risk of escape, promoting or engaging in disruptive group behavior, distributing a controlled substance, or being involved in any other activity that could significantly threaten the safe and secure operation of the facility.


Security Threat Group (STG): Any group of two or more individuals who:


Have a common group name, identifying symbol, or characteristic which serves to distinguish themselves from others.


Have members, affiliates, and/or associates who individually or collectively engage, or have engaged, in a pattern of illicit activity or acts of misconduct that violates Oregon Department of Corrections rules.


Have the potential to act in concert to present a threat, or potential threat, to staff, public, visitors, inmates, offenders or the secure and orderly operation of the institution.


Security Threat Group Paraphernalia: Any material, document(s) or items evidencing security threat group involvement or activities (e.g., rosters, constitutions, structures, codes, pictures, training material, clothing, communications or other security threat group-related contraband).


Security Threat Management (STM) Assistant Chief: A department Public Services Division, Special Investigations Unit employee assigned to coordinate communication between institution managers and STM lieutenants; monitor, conduct, develop and coordinate employee training; and manage the department’s overall security threat management program.


Security Threat Management (STM) Intelligence Analyst: An STM Unit employee with the responsibility of receiving incoming intelligence and data, analyzing information, predicting trends and activity, organizing information into a usable format, documenting information and disseminating intelligence to appropriate stakeholders.


Security Threat Management (STM) Lieutenant: An STM Unit employee assigned to review and investigate suspected security threat activity; maintain and gather intelligence on security threat groups, inmates and their affiliates; directly manage the day-to-day activities of inmates identified as security threats; assist the STM Assistant Chief and his/her team responsible for STM coordination with institution managers; assist in monitoring, conducting, developing, and coordinating employee training; serve as liaison between the department and other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions; and assist in managing the department’s overall security threat management program.


Security Threat Management (STM) Unit: Department of Corrections employees, as assigned, consisting of the department STM Assistant Chief, STM lieutenants and STM intelligence analyst(s).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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