OAR 291-093-0006

(1) Adult in Custody (AIC): Any person under the supervision of the Department of Corrections who is not on parole, probation, or post-prison supervision status.
(2) AIC on Death Row Status: An AIC under sentence of death who has been assigned by the Department to the Death Row Housing Unit or to a Death Row status cell.
(3) Functional Unit Manager (FUM): Any person within the Department of Corrections who reports to either the Director, Deputy Director, an Assistant Director, or an administrator and has responsibility for the delivery of program services or the coordination of program operations. In a correctional facility, the superintendent is the functional unit manager.
(4) Office of Population Management: A functional unit of the department that oversees capacity and resource management, long term prison planning, the AIC classification system, high risk AIC placement, Interstate Corrections Compact, treatment and program screening, Oregon Youth Authority/Oregon State Hospital/ghost caseloads, transgender AICs, centralized Static 99R assessments, centralized transfer authority, and staff and AIC conflict review.
(5) Special Population Management Committee (SPM): A committee that is chaired by a representative from the Office of Population Management and is composed of at least two additional Department staff from institution operations, and Behavioral Health Services who are responsible for reviewing referrals to the Intensive Management Unit (IMU), mental health special housing, or administrative housing.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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