OAR 291-093-0010

(1) AICs on death row status shall be allowed the same property in their cells as AICs assigned to general population housing, except for specific items determined by the FUM or designee to be inconsistent with the maintenance of internal security, discipline or order in the institution, or the health or safety of staff or AICs.
(2) All property in cells must be stored in issued containers and on assigned shelves. No items shall be stored in other than designated areas.
(3) AICs on death row status shall be allowed minimally one set of clothes in the cell as designated by the FUM or designee.
(4) Electronic Devices (Television, radio, handheld media device, et cetera)
(a) Headphones/earphones shall be worn in the traditional manner when individual AIC electronic devices are in use in housing units or designated cells.
(b) Output volume will be kept at a level that cannot be heard outside the AIC’s cell.
(c) Electronic devices shall not be opened or altered by AICs on death row status.
(d) No repairs on electronic devices will be allowed except as directed by the FUM or designee.
(5) Property shall not be placed on cell bars or be used to obstruct security.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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