OAR 291-124-0010

(1) Adult in Custody (AIC): Any person under the supervision of Department of Corrections who is not on parole, probation, or post-prison supervision status.
(2) Department of Corrections Facility: Any institution, facility or employee office, including the grounds, operated by the Department of Corrections.
(3 Employee: Any person employed full-time, part-time, or under temporary appointment by the Department of Corrections; any person employed under contractual arrangement to provide services to the department; any person employed by private or public sector agencies who is serving under department-sanctioned special assignment to provide services or support to department programs within any Department of Corrections facility.
(4) Functional Unit: Any organizational component within the Department of Corrections responsible for the delivery of services or coordination of programs.
(5) Functional Unit Manager: Any person within the Department of Corrections who reports to the Director, Deputy Director, an Assistant Director or an administrator and has responsibility for the delivery of services or coordination of programs. In a correctional setting the superintendent is the functional unit manager.
(6) Healthcare Provider: Any professional who is licensed or certified to provide health care services, including physicians and hospitals (and the various entities/forms in which they do business), and public, quasi-public and private organizations and entities that contract with direct service providers to furnish health care services, such as insurance companies and managed care organizations.
(7) Health Services Eyeglasses Review Committee: A committee normally of the local management group, Medical Services manager or designee, or a combination management representatives and the individual involved in the eyeglass program at the institution.
(8) Treating Provider: Any Health Services employee who by licensure is authorized to prescribe treatment, including but not limited to, physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, optometrists and physician assistants.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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