OAR 291-124-0030
Health Evaluation and Screening

(1) During the admission process each AIC shall receive a baseline medical, dental, and mental health evaluation.
(a) The medical evaluation shall consist of a physical examination and medical history including a review of available information and verification of any medication, care, or treatment requirements. The evaluation should occur within seven days of admission.
(b) A dental screening will be performed by authorized Health Services staff within seven days of admission that includes visual examination of the teeth and gums with any obvious abnormalities or AIC complaints noted.
(A) A baseline dental intake examination shall be completed by a fully licensed dentist within 30 days of admission to include review of the dental and medical history, charting of the teeth including identification of decayed, missing, or filled teeth, examination of the oral cavity, diagnostic X-rays (as indicated), oral hygiene instructions, access to care instructions, inquiry regarding emergent or urgent dental problems, and documentation of procedures performed in the dental record by the dentist. If there is documented evidence of an examination of the AIC’s dental condition within the previous year, a dental exam is not required unless determined to be clinically necessary by the treating dentist.
(B) Access-to-care instructions are given such that AICs are aware of how to follow up with dental care at the receiving institution. Formal treatment plans are not provided as part of the intake examination. They are performed at the receiving institution per AIC request.
(c) The mental health evaluation will include a screening for the presence of mental illness and suicide history. AICs who have a history of mental illness, or suicide attempts, or who report current suicidal ideations will be referred for further evaluation by a mental health treatment provider. AICs with mental illness will be housed in a facility with services appropriate for their treatment needs.
(d) A clinical record will be initiated at the time of initial admission into the Department of Corrections.
(e) If the AIC has a documented baseline evaluation from the department within the previous 90 days, the prior evaluation and health record is reviewed and updated as clinically necessary.
(f) AICs will be informed of relevant recommendations based on the baseline health evaluations and will be provided with self-care instruction.
(2) Health Screening at Transfer:
(a) A brief health screening shall be completed on all AICs received on intra-department transfers by Health Services staff at the receiving facility. This shall include review of medical, dental, and mental health records information transferred with the AIC and verification of any care or treatment requirements prearranged by the sending facility Medical Services manager.
(b) This information will be used to determine disposition of the AIC.

Source: Rule 291-124-0030 — Health Evaluation and Screening, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=291-124-0030.

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