OAR 291-127-0480
Security Screening

(1) Visitors must be processed through a security checkpoint to access the visiting area within all Department of Corrections facilities. Security staff will screen all visitors and search any authorized hand-carried items.
(2) Lockers may be provided for visitor use to store purses, carrying cases, or other personal items until the visit is over.
(3) Visitors are encouraged to let staff know of any personal needs or concerns due to religious or cultural considerations, disability, or other medical reasons.
(4) Any visitor who exhibits indication of use or being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, narcotics, or other intoxicants shall not be permitted to visit.
(5) Processing may require the removal of shoes, jackets, sweaters, suspenders, belts or other accessories for closer inspection or separate processing.
(6) Excessive jewelry, areas of the body that have body piercings or undergarments with metal clasps or adjusters often alarm metal detectors and may delay or even prevent visiting. Visitors may be asked to remove body piercings or excessive jewelry to expedite the screening process.
(7) For security purposes, initial screening of visitors will be done by metal detector. For most visitors, successfully completing the scan by metal detector and the related inspection of clothing and authorized personal items will alleviate the need for additional screening.
(a) At facilities equipped with a functioning walk-through metal detector, all visitors must successfully pass through the detector unless a visitor has a documented medical condition or disability that would prevent the visitor from passing through the detector.
(b) At facilities without a functioning walk-through metal detector, a hand-wand type of metal detector may be used.
(8) Additional screening will occur when a metal detector alarms, a visitor is selected for additional screening, or the visitor has provided documentation to substantiate a condition that prevents successful screening by metal detector. Additional screening may include:
(a) A hand-wand inspection in conjunction with a clothed search of the visitor’s body, including the torso;
(b) A clothed search alone; or
(c) An unclothed search.
(d) Clothed and unclothed searches will be conducted by staff of the same gender.
(e) No visitor will be asked to submit to a search except upon consent as provided in OAR 291-041-0035 (Visitors).
(9) Should a visitor withdraw consent at any time once a search has been initiated, the searching officer shall discontinue the search immediately. The visit will not be allowed.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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