OAR 291-130-0016
General Provisions for Inmate Telephones


All calls must be placed as collect or prepaid. Only collect or prepaid calls can be made from telephones designated for inmate use.


The functional unit manager or designee has the authority to restrict telephone calls by an inmate if the safety of the public would be involved, or the security of the facility, or safety and welfare of any person would be jeopardized.


Inmates shall not participate in three way calls or any form of call forwarding. An inmate may be assessed a service fee from the inmate telephone service provider if it is verified he/she has participated in a three-way call or any form of call forwarding.


Inmates shall not place charges to third party numbers, motels, hotels, places of business, credit cards or to telephone company calling card numbers.


If the telephone call cannot be completed because no one answers or the line is busy, the inmate shall hang up and attempt another call at another time.


Inmates shall not loiter in the surrounding area where telephones are located.


Only one inmate at a time shall be permitted access to a telephone. The inmate who initiates a call is the only person authorized to converse with the contact party during that call.


Inmates may be required to sign up on the telephone log (CD755) to reserve a time to use a telephone in a housing unit or activity area when there are a large number of inmates who want access to a telephone and there are a limited number of telephones.


A set of Oregon telephone directories for major cities shall be located in the facility library.


Special Housing: Inmates in special housing may be allowed telephone services as established by the functional unit manager. Special housing includes administrative housing, disciplinary segregation, Intensive Management Unit, Death Row housing, mental health special housing, and facility infirmaries.


Inmates in special housing may have restricted telephone services, and be allowed only emergency calls, legal calls as specified in OAR 291-130-0021 (Legal Calls), or other calls as authorized by the functional unit manager or designee.


Inmates in mental health special housing may have limited access to telephones if the access interferes with the inmate’s treatment.


The department may prohibit an inmate from calling a particular person or phone number when requested by the person, or in the case of a minor child, by the child’s parent or legal guardian.


Telephone calls between inmates and staff, volunteers, or contractors; or calls between inmates and former staff, volunteers, or contractors are not allowed without express written authorization by the functional unit manager or designee.


Other inmate telephone services or restrictions, not specifically addressed in this rule, may be implemented for safety and security reasons or as authorized by the functional unit manager.


Inmates shall report all inmate phone repair issues as directed by the department.

Source: Rule 291-130-0016 — General Provisions for Inmate Telephones, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=291-130-0016.

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