OAR 291-130-0021
Legal Calls


The department shall maintain a list of legal telephone numbers entitled the “legal call list.” Inmate calls to attorneys whose telephone numbers appear on the legal call list will not be monitored or recorded by the department. The legal call list shall include the official telephone numbers of all attorneys registered with and provided to the Oregon State Bar Association, official telephone numbers of attorneys who have requested and been added to the list as specified in subsection (2) below and business telephone numbers of other organizations as deemed appropriate by department and whose communication with inmates shall be considered confidential. The list of official numbers of attorneys registered with the Oregon State Bar will be updated twice a year.


Upon request of an attorney whose official telephone number is not on the legal call list or upon request of the attorney’s inmate client, the department will verify the number with the appropriate state bar and add the attorney’s official telephone number to the list. However, the department will not include an attorney’s home, cell or other telephone number on the department’s legal call list that is not the attorney’s contact telephone number provided to the appropriate state bar. Inmate calls to telephone numbers not on the legal call list will be subject to monitoring or recording by the department.


An inmate with an active or pending case with an imminent court deadline of ten business days or less who does not have regular access to the inmate telephone system (e.g., the inmate is in disciplinary segregation or Intensive Management Unit) may be permitted a legal call to his/her attorney as approved by the officer-in-charge or the inmate’s counselor.


Use of Inmate Telephone System: Designated staff will make arrangements for the inmate to make the call.


Use of Staff Phones: Designated staff will facilitate the call and verify the identity of the person called. The staff member shall leave the area where the call is taking place; however, the inmate shall be kept under observation. The call should be placed as collect, if possible. Use of staff phones for such calls shall be held to a minimum.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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