OAR 291-141-0015


Each Department of Corrections facility with a library coordinator will provide inmate library services. Those facilities without a library coordinator will provide a level and variety of leisure reading material approved by the Assistant Director of Institutions.


Information regarding library services will be a part of the inmate’s orientation to the Department of Corrections facility.


Library staff will coordinate and supervise library services, including, assisting inmates to obtain information and reference services either from that library’s own collection or from the Oregon State Library according to procedures established by the Oregon State Library for that purpose.


The library coordinator will maintain a comprehensive variety of reading materials to reflect the varying interests, reading abilities, languages, and needs of inmates and will update the materials through planned acquisition.


The library coordinator will accept or decline donations of material using the same criteria as described in section (4) of this rule.


The library will acquire educational reading materials that supplement and support the facility’s education and treatment programs, working in conjunction with designated staff from those areas.


Staff assigned to the library will select, train and supervise inmates as library clerks.


Materials acquired from inter-library loan shall be subject to the procedures governing facility library books and materials unless the lending library have specific requirements.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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