OAR 291-143-0010

(1) Administrator of Religious Services: The Department of Corrections manager assigned responsibility for administering religious programming and services for the Department of Corrections.
(2) Chaplain: A person employed by the Department of Corrections to facilitate and provide religious programming and services to inmates in Department of Corrections facilities.
(3) Department of Corrections Facility: Any institution, facility or staff office, including the grounds, operated by the Department of Corrections.
(4) Functional Unit Manager: Any person within the Department of Corrections who reports to the Director, Deputy Director, an Assistant Director, or administrator and has responsibility for delivery of program services or coordination of program operations.
(5) Inmate: Any person under the supervision of the Department of Corrections who is not on parole, post‑prison supervision, or probation status.
(6) Religious Activity: Any rite, ceremony, event, activity, or program that is customarily associated with the practices of a religion that are facilitated or administered by Religious Services including but not limited to corporate gatherings of adherents of a religion.
(7) Religious Representative: A person who is qualified to provide authoritative information to the Department of Corrections regarding their religion. For purposes of this rule, a religious representative must not be an inmate; a person who is on probation, parole, or post-prison supervision; or a person who is otherwise disqualified from acting as a volunteer in a Department of Corrections facility under department rules and policies.
(8) Religious Volunteer: A person who is qualified to direct, lead, or conduct others in the rites, ceremonies, or other practices of a religion who has been approved by the Department of Corrections to assist inmates in requested religious activities in Department of Corrections facilities.
(9) Special Housing: Inmate housing assignments other than general population.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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