OAR 291-143-0070
Chaplains/Religious Volunteers

(1) A chaplain in each Department of Corrections facility is responsible for coordination and facilitation of inmate religious activities.
(2) Chaplains shall attend to the religious requests of each inmate, regardless of the inmate’s religious belief or affiliation.
(3) Religious activity leadership roles may include chaplains and approved religious volunteers.
(4) If a chaplain is not qualified to lead a particular religious activity and an approved volunteer is not available, the chaplain or designee, with the assistance of the Religious Services administrator or assistant administrator or others as needed, will:
(a) Seek out and invite a qualified individual from the community to conduct the religious activity as a religious volunteer; or
(b) Work with a religious representative to provide when possible alternative means for the conduct of the requested activity in a manner that is consistent with department rules and facility procedures. Alternative means may include, when determined appropriate by the chaplain, use of a script, liturgy, audio, video, or other available media.
(c) The chaplain will determine whether an approved activity will be accommodated in the context of a group activity or limited to individual practice, based on the availability of staff or volunteer resources.
(5) Inmates shall not be permitted to direct, lead, or conduct other inmates in religious activities. If a chaplain or a qualified religious volunteer approved by the department is unavailable to direct, lead, or conduct an approved religious activity requested by an inmate, an alternative means for the activity is not acquired, the inmate’s request will be denied until such time as a qualified religious volunteer or alternative means of accommodation becomes available.

Source: Rule 291-143-0070 — Chaplains/Religious Volunteers, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=291-143-0070.

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