OAR 291-207-0010


Automated Criminal Risk Score (ACRS): A statistical calculation developed by the department’s Research Section to predict an offender’s risk of re-offending within three years of release.


Case Management: A proactive, collaborative, multi-disciplinary process which assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors and evaluates options and services to meet an individual’s need or risks, a well as responsivity factors. Case management is the process which links all the elements involved in an inmate’s management. The process of case management unifies procedures and personnel to balance departmental resources and an inmate’s needs through his/her term of incarceration and community supervision.


Evidence Based Practices (EBP): The body of research and clinical knowledge that describes correctional assessment, programming and supervision strategies that lead to improved correctional outcomes such as the rehabilitation of inmates and increased public safety. Such principles only meet the public’s expectations for economical business strategies, efficiency and effectiveness but also reflect fairness and accountability.


Multi-disciplinary Team: Stakeholders from different divisions within a functional unit who come together to provide comprehensive assessment, consultation and perspectives concerning an inmate’s incarceration and successful reentry to the community.


Oregon Accountability Model: A plan composed of six components that is designed to strengthen the department’s ability to hold inmates accountable for their actions and department staff accountable for achieving the mission and vision of the department.


Reentry: The activities and programming conducted to prepare inmates to return safely to the community and to live as law abiding citizens. Reentry includes the release process, the flow of inmates back into communities and how they are supervised after release, the effects on public safety as a result, how the Department of Corrections manages releases, and what communities can do to absorb and reintegrate returning offenders.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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