OAR 291-207-0020


Inmates who have been sentenced to the Department of Corrections or who have violated their parole and post-prison supervision will be committed to the Intake Center located at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, except for (a) and (b) below.


Male inmates sentenced to death are routed to the Oregon State Penitentiary special housing unit. Female inmates sentenced to death are routed to Coffee Creek Correctional Facility special housing unit.


Male inmates that require intensive confinement or where special medical or mental health care is essential may be routed to an approved DOC facility other than the Intake Center.


The intake process will generally be completed with a 30-day period.


All inmates will receive an initial classification to determine custody level.


All inmates will be assessed and evaluated to set a basic level of service, based upon assessed criminal risk factors and need.


All inmates will receive an automated criminal risk score (ACRS) to determine initial case planning and supervision level assignment.


Inmates will be assigned to an institution or housing unit based upon their correctional needs upon completion of the inmate assessment.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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