OAR 309-013-0080

As used in these rules:


“Central Office” means all organizational elements of the Addictions and Mental Health Division which are not a part of a state institution.


“Division” means the Addictions and Mental Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority.


“Embezzlement” means any action to willfully take or convert to one’s own use, money or property of another, which the wrongdoer acquired lawfully through some office or employment or position of trust.


“Fraud” means any action by an individual to knowingly, willfully and with deceitful intend take or use for their own personal gain money or property which does not belong to them.


“Service Provider” means a public or private community agency or organization that provides a particular mental health service (such as preschool services for the developmentally disabled, a detoxification center, or a day treatment program) approved by the Division. An agency organization may provide more than one service element, and more than one agency or organization in a county may provide the same service element.


“State Institution” means Dammasch State Hospital in Wilsonville, Oregon State Hospital in Salem, Fairview Training Center in Salem, and Eastern Oregon Hospital and Training Center in Pendleton.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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