OAR 309-015-0045
Filing of Annual Medicaid Cost Report


Timing of report. The provider shall file annually with the Medicaid Intermediary, an annual Medicaid cost report covering actual costs based on the latest fiscal period of operation of the facility. If the provider has separate cost entities or distinct programs, an annual Medicaid cost report shall be filed for each entity. A Medicaid cost report will be filed for less than an annual period only when necessitated by facilities terminating their agreement with the Division, or by a change in ownership, or by a change in fiscal period. The provider is to use the same fiscal period for the Medicaid cost report as that used for the Medicare cost report and the federal tax return. The Medicaid cost report is due within 90 days of the end of the normal fiscal period, change of ownership, or withdrawal from the program except when Medicare grants an extension of the Medicare cost report (upon which the Medicaid cost report relies). In that case, the due date for the Medicaid cost report may be extended by the Medicaid Intermediary for the same number of days as the due date for the Medicare cost report.


Contents of report. The annual Medicaid cost report is a uniform cost report containing an itemized list of allowable costs to be used by all providers. It shall report the hospital’s actual financial data and be completed in accordance with instructions provided by the Medicaid intermediary.


Application of Medicare principles of reimbursement. Providers filing annual Medicaid cost reports with the Medicaid Intermediary shall apply Medicare principles of reimbursement.


Signature. Each required annual Medicaid cost report shall be signed by the individual who normally signs the provider’s federal income tax return or other reports. If the report is prepared by someone other than an employee of the provider, the individual preparing the report shall also sign and indicate his or her status with the provider.


Improperly completed reports. The Medicaid Intermediary shall return improperly completed or incomplete annual Medicaid cost reports to the provider for proper completion. All providers shall return corrected or completed reports to the Division within 30 days or become subject to the same penalty as for failure to submit the cost statement.


Reduction of interim per diem rate — Late reports. If the original submission of the Medicaid cost report is not made within the required 90-day time period or extended period (see section (1) of this rule), the interim per diem rate then in effect will be reduced to 80 percent of the hospital’s current interim per diem rate or the rate established from the last audited or desk reviewed cost statement, whichever is lower. This rate will remain in effect until submission of the Medicaid cost report.


Late-billed services. If a hospital bills for services provided during a fiscal period for which the hospital has submitted an annual Medicaid cost report, the days which are late-billed may be included in the hospital’s next fiscal period.


False reports. If a provider knowingly, or with reason to know, files a report containing false information, such action constitutes cause for termination of its agreement with the Division. Providers filing false reports may be referred for prosecution under applicable statutes (see OAR 309-015-0052 (Provider Sanctions)).


Maintenance of report. The Medicaid Intermediary shall maintain each required annual Medicaid cost report submitted by a provider for three years following the date of submission. In the event there are audit questions, the cost statement shall be maintained for three years after the final audit settlement.

Source: Rule 309-015-0045 — Filing of Annual Medicaid Cost Report, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=309-015-0045.

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