OAR 309-039-0520
Eligible Providers


Agencies that currently hold a Certificate of Approval for the provision of mental health services as a contractor of OHA, a subcontractor of OHA, or a contractor of a Community Mental Health Program, or a license to provide residential or adult foster care services, are not eligible for the “non-inpatient” certification.


Certification as a non-inpatient mental health provider is not a substitute for the certification and Medicaid provider enrollment processes that are required to render services to individuals enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan, or to individuals whose services are otherwise funded by the State.


Only providers as defined in OAR 309-039-0510 (Definitions)(10) are eligible for approval under 309-039-0500 (Purpose and Scope) through 309-039-0580 (Variance). An eligible provider must:


Control the office space, such as by owning, renting or leasing it;


Control the intake to the program and determine which therapist provides assessment and treatment;


Control all clinical records, including storage;


Do all the billing and collect all fees, including deductibles and co-payments;


Pay staff for clinical services provided; and


Display the provider name on the premises so as to be clearly visible to clients.


An individual operating as a private practitioner, whether or not a licensed business or corporation, is not eligible for approval under these rules.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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