OAR 309-039-0530
Approval Process


Request for initial certification or certification renewal shall be submitted to the Division compliant with the process governed by OAR 309-0080100 to 309-008-1600 (Variance). In addition to the requirements set in OAR 309-008 the applicant will include with the application a check or money order in the amount of $600.00 payable to the Division. This application fee shall be non-refundable irrespective of whether the provider is issued a Certificate of Approval.


Any provider submitting an application for initial certification or renewal after the effective date of this rule shall pay the application and certification fees;


The fees shall be increased biennially at the same rate as approved by the Legislative Assembly or the Emergency Board for other services and programs of the Division.


A Certificate is valid for up to three years, shall be issued to the provider when the administrative and certification reviews of the program by the Division indicate the provider is in compliance with the applicable parts of OAR 309-039-0500 (Purpose and Scope) through 309-039-0580 (Variance). The Certificate will be issued pursuant to the process governed OAR 309-008-0100 (Purpose and Scope) to 309-008-1600 (Variance).


The award, renewal, and duration of Certificates of Approval as well as periodic and interim reviews, establishment of conditions, denial, revocation and hearings shall comply with OAR 309-008-0100 (Purpose and Scope) to 309-008-1600 (Variance).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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