OAR 309-106-0005

As used in these rules:


“Administrator” means the Assistant Director, Human Resources, and Administrator for Addictions and Mental Health.


“Division” means the Addictions and Mental Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority.


“Patient” means a person who is receiving care and treatment in a state institution for the mentally ill.


“Qualified Mental Retardation Professional” means a person who meets the professional requirements prescribed by 42 CFR 442.401 or as amended.


“Reasonable Cause” means that the person must have knowledge or notice of facts and circumstances which would lead a person of ordinary care and prudence to have a strong suspicion.


“Resident” means a person who is receiving care, treatment, and training in a state institution for the mentally retarded.


“State Institution” means Dammasch State Hospital in Wilsonville, Oregon State Hospital in Salem, Fairview Training Center in Salem, and Eastern Oregon Hospital and Training Center in Pendleton.


“Superintendent” means the executive head of the state institution as listed in section (7) of this rule.


“Visitor” means any person who is not a patient or resident of a particular ward or cottage and is not a Division employee or volunteer regularly assigned to the state institution.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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