OAR 309-106-0015


Each institution shall designate a central location to initially receive visitors and shall make available information on visitation procedures and restrictions.


Decisions by the physician or qualified mental retardation professional to restrict a visitor must be documented in the patient’s or resident’s record by that professional. Specific reasons for the restriction must be clearly stated with supporting documentation, as needed.


State institutions must notify the affected patient or resident of a restriction in writing and within 24 hours of imposing the restriction. The notification must state the reasons and duration of restriction and explain to the patient or resident the right to appeal imposition of the restriction.


Decisions to restrict a visitor must be reviewed and, if necessary, renewed at least monthly for a patient and at least quarterly for a resident by the physician or qualified mental retardation professional. Restrictions will expire unless renewed.


A patient, resident, parent, guardian, or other persons significantly involved with a patient or resident has the right to contest any restriction on visitors or other application of these rules as provided in OAR 309-118-0000 (Purpose and Scope) through 309-118-0050 (Posting of OSH Grievance Process) (Grievance Procedures for Use in State Institutions).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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