OAR 330-067-0045
TA Programs for Schools and Hospitals


This section contains the rules under which ODOE shall give grants to schools and hospitals for TASs done in their buildings.


To be eligible to receive TA grants, an applicant must:


Be a school or hospital as defined in OAR 330-067-0020 (Definitions) and 10 CFR 455.2 in the February 19, 1993, Federal Register;


Be in the state;


Submit an EUE for the building for which a TA grant is requested. The EUE must have been done after the most recent construction, remodeling, or use change which changed energy use in the building. If the EUE is 12 months old or older when the request for TA is received by ODOE, ODOE may require an EUE update;


Assure that it will do all O&Ms from the on-site assessment or request ODOE approval for a waiver;


Assure that it will install all ECMs identified in the on-site assessment and the TAS with a combined simple payback of five years or provide in writing a good reason why a particular measure should not be installed;


Submit an EUE that meets the rules set by ODOE.


A TAS shall be done by an ODOE contractor or a TAA who is qualified under the State Plan and under OAR 330-067-0020 (Definitions). The TAA must consider all feasible O&Ms and feasible ECMs for a building. A TAS shall give the costs of, and the energy and cost savings likely to result from doing O&Ms. A TAS shall also give a detailed engineering analysis showing the cost of, and the energy and cost savings likely to result from installing each ECM that shows a good potential for saving energy.


The TAA shall prepare and submit a report which conforms to ODOE’s current TAS format and this rule.

Source: Rule 330-067-0045 — TA Programs for Schools and Hospitals, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=330-067-0045.

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