OAR 331-140-0000


Applicants and licensees are subject to the provisions of OAR 331-010-0010 (Fees) and 331-010-0020 (Refund of Payments) regarding the payment of fees, penalties and charges.


Fees established by Office are:




License: $100.


License by reciprocity: $150.


Examination — Oregon laws and rules: $50.


Original issuance of license (including by reciprocity): $125 for one year.


Permits and waivers: $150.


Renewal of license: $125 for one year.


Delinquent (late) renewal of license: $40 per year, up to three years.


Reinstatement: $150.


Replacement of license, including name change: $25.


Duplicate license: $25 per copy with maximum of three.


Affidavit of licensure: $50.


An additional $25 administrative processing fee will be assessed if a NSF or non-negotiable instrument is received for payment of fees, penalties and charges. Refer to OAR 331-010-0010 (Fees).


Individuals who renew online will receive a $40 discount.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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