OAR 331-710-0100
Supervision of a Temporary Polysomnographic Technologist

(1) To be approved as a supervisor of a polysomnographic temporary licensee, an individual must:
(a) Hold a valid polysomnographic technologist license under ORS Chapter 688 (Ray Machine Operators) or provide proof of being a “qualified medical director for polysomnography” as defined in ORS 688.800 (Definitions for ORS 688.800 to 688.840)(3);
(b) Have no current or pending disciplinary action imposed by the Office or other regulatory body;
(c) Submit proof of having been actively practicing polysomnography for at least three years prior to requesting approval as a supervisor; and
(d) Submit a completed request for approval on a form prescribed by the Office.
(2) A polysomnography supervisor shall not supervise a temporary licensee until all Office required documentation has been completed and submitted to the Office and the supervisor has received Office approval.
(3) A supervisor may supervise up to four patients per shift; whether they are the supervisor’s own patients or patients of temporary DS or IS licensees.
(4) An approved supervisor of a Temporary-DS licensee must be immediately physically present with the Temporary-DS licensee while the Temporary-DS licensee is working, and must exercise direction and control over the Temporary-DS licensee’s work.
(5) An approved supervisor of a Temporary-IS licensee must be physically present and onsite, but may not be immediately accessible at the sleep facility when the Temporary-IS licensee is working, and must oversee the work of the Temporary-IS licensee, and be available for questions and assistance when needed.
(6) An approved supervisor must notify the Office in writing within 10 calendar days if a temporary polysomnographic technologist licensee is no longer being supervised, and must provide the number of hours of training and work experience completed on a form prescribed by the Office.
(7) A designated supervisor must exercise management, guidance, and control over the activities of the temporary polysomnographic technologist and must exercise professional judgment and be responsible for all matters related to the polysomnography.
(8) Approval of a temporary polysomnographic technologist’s training and work experience under OAR 331-710-0110 (Training and Work Experience Requirements for Polysomnography) must be documented by the handwritten signature of the approved supervisor, the supervisor’s license number, and date of supervisor’s review, placed beside the temporary polysomnographic technologist’s signature, on a form prescribed by the Office.
(9) An approved supervisor’s Office approval may be withdrawn if the supervisor provides incomplete or inadequate training during supervision or falsifies documentation.
(10) This rule is not intended for or required of purely administrative supervisors.

Source: Rule 331-710-0100 — Supervision of a Temporary Polysomnographic Technologist, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=331-710-0100.

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