OAR 331-710-0110
Training and Work Experience Requirements for Polysomnography

(1) Training and work experience for polysomnography applicants must involve all of the following:
(a) Patient interaction & professional behavior;
(b) Patient assessment;
(c) Polysomnography theory;
(d) Performing polysomnography preparation and setup;
(e) Performing polysomnography recording and monitoring;
(f) Scoring sleep studies;
(g) Artifacts, and arrhythmias;
(h) Sleep related breathing disorders;
(i) Positive airway pressure and oxygen;
(j) Evaluation of sleepiness;
(k) Movement disorders: disorders involving arousal and seizures;
(l) Scoring waveforms;
(m) Scoring sleep stages;
(n) Scoring respiratory events;
(o) Scoring arousals, electroencephalography abnormalities, movements and cardiac events;
(p) Sleep deprivation;
(q) Insomnia;
(r) Medications and sleep;
(s) Circadian sleep and shift work
(t) Arrhythmia recognition;
(u) Emergency procedures and care;
(v) Patient education and mask fitting;
(w) Pediatric sleep; and
(2) For the purpose of this rule, “artifact” means an extraneous electrical signal in a recording channel on a polysomnograph that originates from the patient, equipment, or external sources, and that may mask or interfere with the desired signal (e.g., snores that appear on the EEG channel, pulses of hypertensive patients that appear on the chin EMG channel, etc.).
(3) A Temporary-IS licensee is prohibited from performing services on persons 12 and younger. See OAR 331-710-0080 (Polysomnographic Technologist Temporary-IS (Indirect Supervision) Licensure).
(4) Training and work experience do not include sleep studies performed in a home-setting for temporary DS licensees.
(5) Training and work experience may be obtained through sleep studies performed in a clinical or home setting for temporary IS licensees.

Source: Rule 331-710-0110 — Training and Work Experience Requirements for Polysomnography, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=331-710-0110.

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