Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Health Licensing Office

Rule Rule 331-915-0065
Tattoo Practice Standards and Prohibitions

(1) Inks, dyes, or pigments must be purchased from a commercial supplier or manufacturer and must have an expiration date present on the container. Use of expired ink, dyes or pigments is prohibited. Products banned or restricted by the Food and Drug Administration are prohibited.
(2) A tattoo license holder must disinfect the plastic or acetate stencil used to transfer the design to the client’s skin, if not using disposable stencils. If the plastic or acetate stencil is reused the licensee must thoroughly clean and rinse and immerse in a high level disinfectant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
(3) Prior to beginning the procedure a client’s skin must be thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic solution.
(4) Upon completion of a tattoo service, the following procedures are required:
(a) The skin must be cleansed; excluding the area surrounding the eyes, with a clean single-use paper product saturated with an antiseptic solution; and
(b) Use a clean absorbent material or bandage intended to cover wounds to prevent the spread of blood or other potentially infectious materials and cross contamination that must be adhered to the skin. Absorbent materials or bandages may include, but are not limited to, medical-grade bandages or bandages intended to cover tattoos. All coverings and bandages must be used according to manufacturer’s instructions.
(5) Tattooing services may be performed on a person younger than 18 years of age when authorized or prescribed by a physician’s statement.
(6) Tattooing is prohibited:
(a) On a person who shows signs of being inebriated or appears to be incapacitated by the use of alcohol or drugs;
(b) On a person with sunburn or other skin diseases or disorders such as open lesions, rashes, wounds, puncture marks in areas of treatment;
(c) On a person younger than 18 years of age, regardless of parental or legal guardian consent unless the requirements of Subsection (5) of this rule are met.
(7) Tattoo artists are prohibited from performing nonablative tattoo removal in Oregon unless they hold an appropriate authorization.

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