OAR 333-039-0010

As used in these rules unless the context requires otherwise:


“Division” means Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division.


“Outdoor Mass Gathering” means an actual or reasonably anticipated assembly of more than 3,000 persons which continues or can reasonably be expected to continue for more than 24 consecutive hours but less than 120 hours within any three month period and which is held primarily in open spaces and not in any permanent structure.


“Organizer” includes any person who holds, stages, or sponsors an outdoor mass gathering and the owner, lessee, or possessor of the real property upon which the outdoor mass gathering is to take place.


“Oregon Physician” means a person licensed by the Oregon State Board of Medical Examiners or any other physician authorized to practice medicine and surgery in any part of Oregon.


“Nurse” means a licensed professional nurse.


“Ambulance” means any privately or publicly owned motor vehicle, aircraft or marine craft that is regularly provided or offered to be provided for the emergency transportation of persons suffering from illness, injury, or disability and which is equipped, staffed and licensed in accordance with OAR 333-028-0000 to 333-028-0065.


“Temporary Structure” includes tents, trailers, chemical toilet facilities and other structures customarily erected or sited for temporary use.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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