OAR 333-039-0055


The organizer shall provide easily accessible roads of all-weather construction at the outdoor mass gathering site.


All roads shall be graded so as to be self-draining and shall be maintained in such condition that emergency and other required vehicles can move upon them unencumbered and can carry out their functions at all times.


An ungraveled dirt road shall not be considered as being an all-weather road.


No road or portion of any road constructed shall exceed a maximum grade of 12 percent.


The organizer shall acquire approval from the local agency having jurisdiction for fire safety that the minimum width of all roads complies with state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations, and is satisfactory with respect to anticipated crowds and locations of the outdoor mass gatherings.


The organizer shall provide and designate a suitable area at the outdoor mass gathering for parking of motor vehicles:


The total area provided for motor vehicle parking shall be based on the following ratio: 300 square feet for every four persons anticipated;


Each motor vehicle parking space shall have a minimum width of ten feet and a minimum length of twenty feet and shall be clearly marked with lime;


The motor vehicle parking spaces shall be arranged to eliminate blockage of parked vehicles and allow vehicles free access to exits at all times.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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