OAR 333-049-0065

For the purposes of implementing ORS 433.090 (Definitions for ORS 433.090 to 433.102) through 433.104 (Use of immunization registry for potential catastrophic disease threat) fees may be charged in accordance with this rule:
(1) Fees may be charged to authorized users including, but not limited to, the following: health plans, health provider associations, private or non-profit institutions, other state registries, federal health agencies or their contractors.
(2) Fees shall not be charged to the following users: individual health care providers and clinics, Oregon schools, Oregon children’s facilities, Oregon hospitals or Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Health Plan.
(3) Fees may be waived or reduced at the discretion of the manager or Oregon Health Authority Immunization Program Manager in accordance with Immunization Policy.
(4) Unless waived or exempt under subsection (2) of this rule, a fee of up to $5 per client shall be charged to each authorized user for each client-specific immunization data request.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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