Rule Rule 333-101-0230
Hospital Radiology Inspector Testing


The Authority must offer quarterly examinations for licensure. A schedule of examination dates and times will be available upon request. The Authority reserves the right to alter or adjust examination dates, times and locations as it deems necessary and will notify applicants whenever possible.


Testing will be done by the Authority or the Authority’s representative and upon passing the test, the Authority will issue a radiology inspector accreditation.


Applicants must qualify for examination upon compliance with all applicable provisions of OAR 333-101-0020 (Application for License of Sales, Services, Consultation, and Servicing For Radiation Machines). Applicants must not be allowed to sit for the examination if documentation is incomplete or incorrect.


Documentation must be submitted to the Authority office within seven days of the examination date. No accreditation will be issued without proper documentation.


Applicants providing documentation to the Authority must submit the official transcript in a sealed envelope, issued from the school or training organization. The school must attest to the documents authenticity and accuracy.


Applicants taking the examination must present photographic identification, such as a driver’s license, before sitting for the examination.


Each applicant must complete a written examination to test the applicant’s knowledge in the following subjects:


Licensure and registration requirements and applicable radiation rules including:


Registrant’s administrative responsibilities;


Registrant’s X-ray machine operator responsibilities;


Registrant’s X-ray machine responsibilities;


Registrant’s responsibilities regarding film, film processing, and all quality control related to the hospital radiology department; and


Hospital radiology inspector responsibilities.


Authority inspection procedures and practice application;


The basic principles of radiation safety; and


Inspection equipment and tools.


The applicant must pass the examination by a score of at least 75 percent.


All examinations must be prescheduled.
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