OAR 333-109-0010
Administrative Responsibilities


A person at each facility must be designated to be responsible for maintaining radiation safety. This person, designated the radiation safety officer, must be responsible for the following:


Establishing and maintaining operational procedures so that the radiation exposure of each worker is kept as far below the maximum permissible dose as is practical;


Instructing all personnel who work with or near radiation producing machines, in safety practices;


Maintaining a system of personnel monitoring;


Arranging for establishment of radiation control areas, including placement of appropriate radiation warning signs and/or devices;


Providing for radiation safety inspection of radiation producing machines, including operation of all safety devices on a routine basis;


Reviewing modifications to apparatus, shielding and safety interlocks;


Investigating and reporting to proper authorities any case of excessive exposure to personnel and taking remedial action;


Being familiar with all applicable rules for the control of ionizing radiation; and


Terminating operations at the facility because of radiation safety considerations.


No individual must be permitted to act as an operator of an accelerator until such person has:


Received an acceptable amount of training in radiation safety as approved by the radiation safety officer;


Has received copies of and instruction in this division, the applicable requirements of divisions 120 and 111 of these rules and:


Pertinent registration conditions; and


Operating and emergency procedures; and


Must have demonstrated understanding of documents and information required in this rule;


Demonstrated competence to in the use of the accelerator, related equipment and radiation survey instruments which will be employed; and


Been approved by the radiation safety officer. Each operator must be responsible for:


Keeping radiation exposure to all individuals as low as is practical;


Being familiar with safety procedures as they apply to each machine;


Wearing of personnel monitoring devices, if applicable; and


Notifying the radiation safety officer of known or suspected excessive radiation exposures to any individual.


The radiation safety committee or the radiation safety officer must have the authority to terminate the operations at a particle accelerator facility if such action is deemed necessary to minimize danger to public health and safety or property.

Source: Rule 333-109-0010 — Administrative Responsibilities, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-109-0010.

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