OAR 333-119-0020


Prior to the operation of any tanning device used by the public for a fee or other compensation, the owner or operator shall file an application with the Authority and pay applicable fee(s) in the amount and in the manner specified in OAR 333-103-0025 (Annual Fee for Tanning Devices) to register each tanning device.


If the owner or operator owns or operates more than one such tanning facility, the owner or operator shall file a separate application for each such facility owned or operated.


Registration application shall be made on forms furnished by the Authority.


A validation certificate or acknowledgement of validation will be issued by the Authority.


The certificate issued by the Authority shall be effective for one year beginning January 1 through December 31.


The certificate shall be displayed in a conspicuous open public area of the tanning facility.


The Authority will provide an identification number that will be affixed by an Authority inspector to each tanning device during the initial or follow-up facility inspection:


Identification numbers shall not be removed without written permission of the Authority; and


Identification numbers shall not be defaced.


The registrant shall notify the Authority in writing before making any change that would render the information contained in the application for registration or the validation of registration no longer accurate.


No registration may be transferred from one person to another person, from one tanning facility to another tanning facility, or from one tanning device to another tanning device.


Failure to properly register a tanning device is subject to the imposition of a civil penalty per ORS 431.950 and ORS 431.262.


The Authority may require tanning facility registrants to complete and update application forms and information concerning tanning devices.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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