OAR 333-119-0140
Specific Requirements: Denial, Revocation, Termination of Registration


The Authority may deny, suspend or revoke registration issued pursuant to this division:


For any written false statement in the application for registration or in any statement of fact as required by provisions of this division; or


Because of conditions revealed by the application or any report, record, inspection or other means which would warrant the Authority to refuse to grant a registration; or


For operation of the tanning facility in a manner that causes or threatens to cause hazard to the public health or safety; or


For failure to allow authorized representatives of the Authority to enter the tanning facility at reasonable times for the purpose of determining compliance with the provisions of this division, or an order of the Authority; or


For violation of, or failure to observe any of the terms and conditions of the rules in this division, or an order of the Authority; or


For failure to properly dispose of used tanning lamps and thus allowing possible use in an unauthorized or hazardous manner.


Except in cases of willfulness or cases in which the public health, interest or safety requires otherwise, prior to the institution of proceedings for suspension or revocation of a registration, the Authority shall:


Call to the attention of the registrant, in writing, the facts or conduct which may warrant such actions; and


Provide reasonable opportunity for the registrant to demonstrate or achieve compliance with all lawful requirements.


Any person aggrieved by a decision by the Authority to deny a registration or to suspend or revoke a registration after issuance may request a hearing.


The Authority may terminate a registration upon receipt of a written request for termination from the registrant.


The Authority may, by rule, regulation, or order, impose upon any registrant such requirements in addition to those established in this regulation as it deems appropriate or necessary to minimize danger to public health and safety or property.

Source: Rule 333-119-0140 — Specific Requirements: Denial, Revocation, Termination of Registration, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-119-0140.

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