OAR 333-255-0115

In addition to non-compliance with any rules or laws that govern an ambulance service or ambulance service vehicle, it is a violation:
(1) To make a material omission or misrepresentation of facts on an application for a license or waiver, or in response to an inquiry or investigation. This includes the intentional misrepresentation or misstatement of a material fact, concealment of or failure to make known any material fact or any other means by which misinformation or false impression is knowingly given or deceit in obtaining or attempting to obtain a license or waiver or in any other transaction with the Authority;
(2) To fail to have the appropriate personnel, medical equipment and supplies required for operation at the highest level of service provided when the ambulance vehicle is in operation as prescribed by these rules;
(3) Upon inspection by the Authority, for an ambulance to manifest evidence of a mechanical or equipment deficiency that poses a significant threat to the health or safety of patients or crew;
(4) To fail to produce records for inspection or to permit examination of an ambulance or patient care equipment;
(5) To deface, alter, remove or obliterate any portion of any official entry upon a license, licensing decal, or waiver issued by the Authority; and
(6) For other reasons determined by the Authority to pose a significant threat to the health, safety and well-being of ambulance patients.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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