Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-501-0020

In addition to non-compliance with any health care facility licensing law or condition of participation, it is a violation to:


Refuse to cooperate with an investigation or survey, including but not limited to failure to permit Division staff access to the hospital, its documents or records;


Fail to implement an approved plan of correction;


Fail to comply with all applicable laws, lawful ordinances and rules relating to safety from fire;


Refuse or fail to comply with an order issued by the Division;


Refuse or fail to pay a civil penalty;


Fail to comply with rules governing the storage of medical records following the closure of a hospital;


Establish, conduct, maintain, manage or operate a health care facility or health maintenance organization, without a license; or


Use the terms “emergency,” “emergency department (ED),” “emergency room (ER),” “emergency-,” “emergent-,” or “emergi- care center” or any derivative term in a posted name or advertising that would give the impression that emergency medical services as that is defined in OAR 333-500-0010 (Definitions) is provided by the person at a particular facility unless that facility is a hospital licensed under ORS 441.025 (License issuance) with an emergency department. Use of the words “urgent” or “immediate” shall not be considered derivative terms.


A person not licensed as a hospital under ORS 441.025 (License issuance) with an emergency department using the terms prescribed in section (8) of this rule has 90 days from November 15, 2016 to come into compliance.

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Jun. 8, 2021